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Born on the East Coast, Jade spent most of her youth in Manhatten and Los Angeles. She was acting, modeling and had produced a tv special when  she met the love of her life in '81 and moved to Nashville, Tn. and never looked back. 

She started her own manufacturing company in the late 80's, and stayed in the business of hand painted children's furniture and art until 2010. Jade decided she wanted to do art full time and  retired from the furniture business.  With her design skills and knowledge of mfg. and gift design, she has been successful in licensing her art for other companies and designing new product for them. She has had art agents for several years and will now have the time to devote to their design needs and fine art for galleries and reproduction.

Jade has never had formal training, but has been earning money with her art and honing her skills since she was in her teens. She has been very successful with her children's art,  working with publishers the past few years and will continue that using the great contacts and relationships she has developed in that industry. Her fine art prints can be found in chain stores, retail websites and art print websites. 

Jade lives just north of Nashville, with her husband Ron "Snake" Reynolds, her dog, 2 adorable cats,  rabbit and 2 miniature horses.

All her life she has been told by friends and family she should do art full time. Now she is thrilled to say, she can.

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